A group of EJP students at the May 2018 Convocation Awards ceremony

Thank you for your interest in becoming an EJP member!

There are three main ways people get involved with EJP:

  • teach with EJP at Danville Correctional Center
  • become a member of program that permits virtual involvement, such as the Reentry Guide Initiative or the Policy & Research team
  • intern in the EJP office on the Urbana-Champaign campus

You’ll find information about each opportunity below, along with application forms. The next application deadline is Oct 11, 2024.

Looking for a quick overview of all EJP programs? The EJP 2023-24 Handbook is a good source of information.

College-in-Prison Program at Danville Correctional Center

The deadline for submitting applications to participate with EJP is Oct 1, 2024.

Our college-in-prison program is at the heart of everything we do. It consists of 12 different initiatives at Danville Correctional Center. Individuals interested in working with EJP must apply to a specific initiative or program; you are welcome to apply to more than one.

Please find a list of programs currently accepting applications below.

What do we look for in candidates? We seek maturity of purpose and an understanding of the social and historic contexts of our work. We seek members who are comfortable working with diverse student populations, in terms of demographics and academic background, and have strong social skills. Flexibility is important, as is ability and willingness to support other EJP members in our shared work. It’s important to be willing to follow prison rules and regulations.

EJP for-credit course instructors must have the same qualifications that would be necessary to teach the course on the Urbana-Champaign campus. In most cases, that is a terminal degree or ABD (“All But Dissertation”) status. Other programs require that applicants possess a bachelor’s degree or specialized knowledge.

How to Apply

We accept applications twice each year, in spring and fall. The next deadline is October 1, 2024.

Each EJP program has its own application form, accessed by clicking on the name of the program, below. Please complete and submit according to the instructions on the form. If you cannot find the form you are looking for, please contact the EJP office at 217.300.5150 or info@educationjustice.net.

Each program has its own selection committee. If the members of a given selection committee decide to pursue your application, they’ll contact you to schedule an interview. (If not, they’ll be in touch to explain that they have elected not to interview you.) During the interview, you’ll meet with a small group of current EJP members who will be interested in learning more about you and what leads you to apply to EJP, and in addressing your questions about the program. Please be aware that we always check references before extending an invitation to join EJP.

If you’re offered a position that will take you into the prison on a regular basis, the next step will be for you to complete the clearance application from the Illinois Department of Corrections. While you await clearance, we’ll encourage you to attend discussion groups, EJP lunches, and other activities that will allow you to meet other members and become familiar with how EJP operates. We also offer a mandatory orientation, “EJP 101,” several times each year.

If you have trouble downloading any of the applications, please send an email to info@educationjustice.net.

Coordinator Positions at Danville Correctional Center

Each College-in-Prison program is overseen by an EJP coordinator. Some programs have two co-coordinators. These individuals manage teams of between five and ten outside EJP members, and work as well with incarcerated EJP members who contribute to planning and administration of our prison programs. Relevant leadership experience and content knowledge related to the particular EJP program is required for most coordinator positions. Coordinators receive stipends of $2,000/semester.

We currently seek to fill the following coordinator positions:

To apply, or for more information about any of the positions above, please complete the online application form. We accept coordinator applications on a rolling basis.

Policy and Research

Are you interested in joining the Policy and Research Team here at EJP?

EJP engages in research and public education that supports the implementation of thoughtful, evidence-based, ethical policies related to higher education in prison, reentry, and related matters. 

EJP’s Policy and Research Team accepts applications on a rolling basis. Prison clearance is not required. For more information about the team, please contact EJP Policy and Research Director, Ashton Hoselton, at info@educationjustice.net

Please fill out the form below to apply.

Reentry Guide Initiative

EJP produces three reentry guides that are revised and updated annually. About twenty RGI members participate in different aspects of guide production–including research, writing, editing, outreach, and distribution.

RGI accepts applications on a rolling basis. Prison clearance is not required. We especially seek members with personal connection to incarceration and reentry. The application form provides detailed information about RGI.

EJP Internship Program

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student who wants to learn more about the American criminal justice system, prison education, or reentry? Would you like to gain experience in research, fundraising, event planning, or other areas? Are you interested in meeting other people on campus who share your interests? Do you want to make a difference?

Please consider applying to our internship program. We accept applications every fall and spring. The next deadline is October 1, 2024. Interns work out of the EJP office on campus, not at the prison. Most are currently working virtually, but there are multiple meetings and events each semester that build community and provide learning opportunities.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Most EJP members work with us on a voluntary basis or receive modest stipends. Occasionally, paid positions with EJP become available. Those postings can be found in the Open Positions page.

EJP Research Group

We invite participation in EJP’s Research Group, which meets monthly. This group is open to anyone who wishes to discuss works-in-progress that address any aspect of criminal justice and allied topics. There is no application process and all are welcome. Please contact our research coordinator at scholarships@educationjustice.net for more information.

Additional Information

After you leave EJP

It may seem odd to be thinking already about your departure from EJP, but we want to emphasize how much we value our members and continue to think of them as part of the larger EJP universe, as we call it. Many people are active with EJP for years. Others work with us for only one or two semesters. We appreciate them all.

After a member decides it’s time to transition away from participation with EJP, we welcome their continued affiliation. Those who have worked with EJP at the prison are known as “EJP Faculty Affiliates.” We have faculty affiliates in many US states and in countries around the world. We appreciate the world-wide network of EJP members and encourage them to continue their participation in critical prison work wherever they find themselves.

Want to learn more?

Please see our bibliographies on prison education or visit this page to learn about other prison education programs and allied projects around the country.