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The Education Justice Project is accepting applications until March 1, 2024!

EJP Scholarships

The scholarships described below are need-based and can be applied towards educational costs (e.g. tuition, books, fees) at accredited post-secondary institutions. We will post the 2024 applications soon.

Our US Scholarship program is held in the fall. This year the applications are due on Nov 15, 2024. There are six categories:
Each spring, we host two scholarships competitions for individuals in Mexico. Applications are due on March 31st each year.
Two $10,000 MXN scholarships will be awarded to a person formerly incarcerated in a prison in Mexico or in the U.S. and two scholarships of the same amount will be awarded to a person deported from the US to Mexico or to the immediate family member of someone who was deported from the U.S. to Mexico.
These need-based scholarships provide support for study at secondary or post-secondary institutions in the U.S. or Mexico.

Resources @ EJP

EJP Handbook
2024 Edition

(January 2024)

Readings on Inclusive Language

(October 2023)

Prison-to-Gown Reading List

(September 2023)

Readings on Leadership

(December 2022)

EJP Zoom Best Practices

(November 2021)

EJP Accessible Meetings

(November 2021)

Prison Abolition

(October 2021)

EJP Campus Scan

(August 2021)

EJP Universe Letter

(June 2021)

Measuring Success in HEP Programming

(June 2021)

Documentaries about Prisons and Reentry

(May 2021)

EJP Inclusion Commitment

(May 2021)

Readings on Race and Criminal Justice

(Dec 2020)

Readings on the American Criminal Justice System

(Dec 2020)

Reading List for Family and Friends of Incarcerated Loved Ones

(Sept 2020)

The Importance of In-Person Instruction in Prison Higher Education Programs

(Aug 2020)

Guidelines for Representing Students in Higher Education in Prison

(July 2020)

Emergency Relief Funds

Individuals who have been released from the IL Department of Corrections within the past 6 months are invited to apply for funds of up to $500 to help them meet essential costs, e.g. housing, transportation, or medical expenses. Please access the short application form via the link below.

Reentry Resources

EJP’s Reentry Guide Initiative publishes three reentry guides, Mapping Your Future: A Guide to Successful Reentry in Illinois, Mapping Your Future: National Edition, and A New Path: A Guide to the Challenges and Opportunities After Deportation. Please click on the links below to access or download more of our resources.