Mindfulness Discussion Group (MDG) Coordinator

The Mindfulness Discussion Group (MDG) is responsible for overseeing EJP’s MDG program which is based in Danville. The MDG aims to create a positive community of mindfulness meditation learners. The MDG will overess collaborative decision-making about the MDG curriculum and activities.

EJP-York Program Assistant

This position provides on-the-ground program support at Danville Correctional Center
(DCC) for the EJP-York program. The position is based at the prison, and the most
important part of the role is engaging with incarcerated EJP tutors and incarcerated
high school learners. Hiring depends on receiving clearance from the Illinois
Department of Corrections.

Academic Advising Coordinator Position

Academic Advisors support the educational mission of EJP at Danville Correctional
Center (DCC) by assisting and working with students toward achieving academic goals
and reaching their full potential. They offer regular academic advising office hours to
students and intermittent workshops on academic skills and success.

Chicago/Community Anti-Violence Education (C.A.V.E.) Co-Coordinator

Incarcerated EJP students regularly describe CAVE as the most impactful program they
have ever experienced. This makes sense since it’s their program, devised and led by
incarcerated men. Two Chicago Anti-Violence Education Group (CAVE) co-coordinators serve as “outside”
members who support program logistics and provide resources and support as required.
They report directly to EJP’s Academic Director. Each co-coordinator spends between 5 – 10
hours/week on C.A.V.E. activities.