EJP students browse books at a Writing and Math Partners event

WAMP is EJP’s tutoring program. Several times a week, Writing and Math Partners from campus and the community attend WAMP sessions at Danville Correctional Center, replicating the structure and energy of office hours or study hall. Attendance at WAMP sessions generally ranges from 15 – 40 students, all working on various forms of scholarship. WAMP members mostly provide math and writing support, hence the name, but they tend to be curious about the diverse subjects that EJP students are studying and so lend lateral support and foster peer-learning.

WAMP sessions have most recently been held on Mondays from 5 – 8pm and Fridays from 12 – 2:30pm. When we are able to return to on-site programming at Danville Correctional Center, we will determine the schedule of future WAMP sessions.

The WAMP co-coordinators are Viviana Nguyen and Tess Saxton-Fox. Please contact them with any queries.

Interested in Getting Involved?

Currently, we are searching for a new WAMP co-coordinator; information about that position is below.