Linda Larsen - Education Justice Project

The Education Justice Project is accepting applications until March 1, 2024!

Linda Larsen became Research Coordinator of EJP’s Reentry Guide Initiative (RGI) in January 2021, but has been working as a member of RGI since 2017. Linda’s background is in writing and teaching about writing. In addition to her work at EJP, she works as Publications Coordinator for SEDAC, an applied research center at the University of Illinois that works to decrease the energy footprint of Illinois and to bring environmental justice to communities. She helps people and organizations sharpen their messages, secure funding, and advocate for change. 

Linda was invited to help out with editing Mapping Your Future back in 2017 and got hooked as she learned about the challenges of reentry and listened to the stories of EJP alumni. She finds it deeply satisfying to work with the amazing Reentry Guide team to provide resources for people who have been impacted by the trauma of incarceration.