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Available Videos

Sal Corbin, Personal Development 
Part 1: Self Awareness, Identity, and Self-Worth (20:25)
Part 2: Personality & Communication Styles (24:34)
Part 3: Conflict Management (29:00)
In this on-going series, professor Sal Corbin combines his academic background in psychology with experience working in harm reduction to cover sequential topics in Personal Development.

Mark Steinberg, Wings of Utopia: The Russian Revolution as “Leap in the Open Air of History” (49:30)
Professor Mark Steinberg provides an in-depth analysis of the Russian Revolution in the early 20th century that is an engaging crash-course with plenty of nuance. 

Brian Dolinar, Black History of Illinois (29:22)
Writer Brian Dolinar shares regional stories of African-American migration, literature, and culture before World War II, drawing from previously unpublished works by Black writers in the 1930s. 

Ellen Moodie, A Glimpse of Central America (35:38)
Professor Ellen Moodie guides viewers through a concise history of interconnected Central American issues, including politics, geography, migration, culture, war and reconciliation.

Rebecca Ginsburg, Making History: Criminal Justice Reform in 19th Century Illinois (29:28)
Professor Rebecca Ginsburg invites viewers to travel back in time to an entertaining reenactment of a debate about penitentiaries at the Illinois General Assembly in 1831.

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