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Available Videos

Mark Steinberg, Wings of Utopia: The Russian Revolution as “Leap in the Open Air of History” (49:30)
Professor Mark Steinberg provides an in-depth analysis of the Russian Revolution in the early 20th century that is an engaging crash course with plenty of nuances. 

Mark Steinberg, Imagining the Utopian City: The Russian Revolution and the New Urban Life (43:03)
Explore the futuristic details and wide-ranging impacts of urban design during the Russian Revolution with professor Mark Steinberg as your guide.

Bernie Wilke, Visual Media (36:33)
Explore visual art techniques and cultural context in this hands-on lesson with Philadelphia artist and muralist Bernie Wilke. Grab something to draw with so you can follow along!

Brian Dolinar, Black History of Illinois (29:22)
Writer Brian Dolinar shares regional stories of African-American migration, literature, and culture before World War II, drawing from previously unpublished works by Black writers in the 1930s. 

Ellen Moodie, A Glimpse of Central America (35:38)
Professor Ellen Moodie guides viewers through a concise history of interconnected Central American issues, including politics, geography, migration, culture, war, and reconciliation.

Rebecca Ginsburg, Making History: Criminal Justice Reform in 19th Century Illinois (29:28)
Professor Rebecca Ginsburg invites viewers to travel back in time to an entertaining reenactment of a debate about penitentiaries at the Illinois General Assembly in 1831.

Tammy Bond, Exploring Mathematics
Part 1: Intro to Fractions (24:46)
Part 2: Arithmetic Functions (51:49)
Part 3: Ratios, Percentages, Fractions, and Decimals
Math teacher Tammy Bond provides an engaging and intuitive series of introductory math concepts. Bring your notebook and follow along!

Sandy Trimble, What’s a Self Portrait
Part 1 (40:08)
Part 2
Dive into the process and history of self-portraiture with artist Sandy Trimble. Learn about significant work from centuries ago and apply new techniques to get started on your own masterpiece!

Kendra Mills, Histories of Restorative Justice: Rwanda, Australia, and the United States (37:37)
Kendra Mills illuminates various understandings of “justice” and outlines how they intersect with theories of reparation on a global scale by moving through historical timelines up to today. 

Julia Spielmann, Special Topics in Psychology
Part 1: Social Attributions
Part 2
: Social Cognition (1:14:31)
Part 3
: Biases and Heuristics (1:02:49)
Mindfulness coordinator and psychology grad Julia Spielmann provides expert coverage of nuanced elements of psychology through detailed discussion and contemporary reference in this three-part collection.

Sal Corbin, Personal Development
Part 1: Self-Awareness, Identity, and Self-Worth (20:25)
Part 2: Personality, Communication Styles
Part 3: Conflict Management Styles
Part 4: The Power of Your Story
Part 5: Challenging Conversations
Part 6: Time Management
Part 7: Ingredients for Successful Relationships
Part 8: Team Building and Group Dynamics
In this series, professor Sal Corbin combines his academic background in psychology with experience working in harm reduction to cover sequential topics in Personal Development.

Lukas Carey, Professional Development
Part 1: Owning Your Own Narrative (29:40)
Part 2: Using Your New Narrative
Part 3: Selection Criteria & Online Applications
Part 4: Overcoming Barriers to Employment
Part 5: Networking and Cold Calling
Part 6: How to Be Assertive
Part 7: Skills Audit – The Key to Identifying Your Perfect Career
Part 8: Tailored Application Letters
Part 9: How to Develop and Tailor a Resume
Part 10: Building Resilience and Managing Stress
Part 11: How to Develop a Video Resume and Social Media Resume
Join educator Lukas Carey in this series of self-progression videos with a professional focus, brought to life by his signature style with upfront honesty and motivational attitude.

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