Welcome to EJP’s new website!

We’re so excited to launch this new home for EJP’s online presence, and to have you here with us. This has been a long time in the making, and we hope you take a few minutes to explore. 

EJP’s previous website launched in 2012. It greatly improved access to information for current and prospective members who were interested in learning more about EJP. This new website will continue that work, and go even further. 

The new design and graphics give the site a more modern look and reflect the current EJP colors. In addition, our new site does an even better job of visually demonstrating EJP’s values, featuring photos of incarcerated people that buck stereotypes and show our students and members teaching and learning from each other.

We’re a unit built on our members, and we want this new site to serve as a place of connection and community. The “Stories” page will highlight a series of rotating members – including students, alumni, interns and outside members, giving a short biography and description of their involvement in EJP. The blog will become a place where members can reflect on their work with EJP and engage with issues related to college-in-prison, incarceration, criminal justice reform, and other related topics. 

Finally, the new website allows us to more fully display the full range of EJP’s programming.

“I’m glad that we are finally able to represent all of the programs and initiatives that EJP members are involved with,” says EJP Director Rebecca Ginsburg. “Now, for instance, visitors will have much more direct ways to download scholarship applications, order reentry guides, access reading lists, or apply to teach at Danville Correctional Center.”

So please, make use of our new site! If you’re already a member, take a look around. If you’re new to EJP visit our “About Us” page to learn about our mission and work at Danville. And if you see something you’d like to add, or a place where you’d like your voice to be heard, let us know! We look forward to making this website a further space of collaboration for the EJP community.