The Reentry Guide Initiative (RGI) is gearing up to distribute hard copies of the 2022 edition of Mapping Your Future: A Guide to Successful Reentry in Illinois

This guide, which EJP has updated annually since 2015, provides more than 200 pages of information on preparing for reentry while incarcerated and steps to take following release. The latest edition includes sections on preparing for parole, handling finances, credit, and taxes as well as information on reentry for women, housing policies, trauma, mental health, relationships, and parenting. The directory has also been updated. The RGI team hopes that many individuals and organizations will pre-order the guide, which will be ready for distribution by late August. 

Natalia Fic, RGI’s Distribution Coordinator, emphasizes that hard copies of the guide are available at no cost to those incarcerated. She says that this is possible because of the support of entities that support the initiative financially. Pre-orders allow the distribution process to become much easier and more efficient. 

Schools, organizations, and individuals can pre-order copies of Mapping Our Future: A Guide to Successful Reentry in Illinois, 2022 edition by filling out the online form: or emailing to request price details.