Jenn Stytz, Author at Education Justice Project

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December 2018 Issue

Features The Beginning, Middleton and End of My Writing Process | Logan Middleton (EJP volunteer) Nick & Shorty | Chad Lane Bookshelf: Review of Adam Cohen’s book, “Im*be*ciles: The Supreme…

October 2018 Issue

Features Welcome to the very first all-poetry issue of the Amplifier, featuring original poetry written by EJP students.

June 2018 Issue

Features Knock Knock | James Wood Waiting for the Bus | Millie Wright My Introduction to Yoga | Raphel Jackson Spring 2018 Semester Review

April 2018 Issue

Features Learning in El Barrio | Anastacio Esparza Word of the Day: Sankofa | by Copenhaver Cumpston Congratulations Andy Borum, volunteer of the year Thoughts Are Not Facts | Raylan…

May 2017 Issue

Features Shouting at Air | David Hensley Apt Tutor, a tribute to Edward Viens | Sean Lawless Dare to be Different: an interview with Terrance Hanson | Angel Pantoja Book…

April 2017 Issue

Contents: Manny | Angel Pantoja Second Sight | Bert Stabler Book review of Le Ton beau de Marot by Douglas Hofstadter | Edward Viens

March 2017 Issue

Features Call of Duty | Angel Pantoja Wordplay | Edward Viens What’s in the Box? | Raylan Gilford Book review of Reality is Broken by Jane McGonigal | Josh Walbert

February 2017 Issue

Features Cubs and Trump | Angel Pantoja Positively Speaking | Sean Lawless

January 2017

Features Interview with Bert Stabler | Terrance Hanson Road Warrior | Angel Pantoja Anthem Protest | John Cunningham Book review of Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner | Christopher…

December 2016 Issue

Features Mis Heroes | by Angel Pantoja Weeds, Words, and Woods | Edward Viens Book review of Rosa Lee by Leon Dash | Christopher Shea

November 2016 Issue

Features Is “Free College” the Answer? | C.J. Shea Interview with Ian Scott, co-facilitator of C.A.V.E. | Terrance Hanson When We All Act (Outgoing Reflections) | Ramón Cabrales Bookshelf: Review…

September 2016 Issue

Features Newsnotes: Progress in Post-Incarceration Eduction To Code or not to Code | Josh Walbert Inheritance? | Nikia Perry Breathing Space 10 Ways to Live Restoratively Bookshelf: Review of  Just…

July 2016 Issue

Features Higher Education Update from Rebecca Ginsburg IDOC Director Baldwin’s “Ask” / Address for the Illinois Commission on Criminal Justice and Sentence Reform