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Dec. 3: EJP Monthly Forum: Life After Prison
Join us for a documentary screening of The Long Shadow of Incarceration’s Stigma.

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The University of Illinois “campus” at DCC includes two Resource Rooms within the prison’s Vocational Building. These spaces serve as EJP’s library, tutoring centers, and occasional classrooms. The Resource Rooms provide a place for EJP students to engage in intellectual discussion and quiet study away from some of the disturbances of the prison environment. A team of Resource Room workers, EJP students who apply for the position, are charged with organizing the library collections and maintaining the atmosphere of the rooms so that they’re supportive of scholarly work.

Our Student Resources Coordinator, Rachel Rasmussen, heads the Resource Room worker teams and happily accepts appropriate donations for the EJP library. She can be reached at rcras1958@gmail.com

Click here for photos from the Resource Room.