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Dec. 3: EJP Monthly Forum: Life After Prison
Join us for a documentary screening of The Long Shadow of Incarceration’s Stigma.

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At the core of the Education Justice Project’s work at Danville prison are our for-credit course offerings. Each semester, on Friday evenings, University of Illinois instructors teach upper-division (300- and 400-level) courses to men incarcerated at the correctional center. Class enrollment is limited to 15 students to ensure a high-quality learning experience. Instructors represent a wide range of disciplines. Examples of previous courses offered include Russian Revolution, Life Sciences in an Evolving World, Shakespeare’s Worlds, and Environmental Sustainability. Students have the option of receiving academic support at tutoring sessions held in the EJP resource rooms three times each week.

We accept applications for course instructors twice a year, in March and October. The next application deadline is Friday March 1, 2013. For more information contact EJP’s Course Coordinator Maggie Kainulainen, kainula2@illinois.edu.

Click here for photos from past courses.

Below are the for-credit courses that have been offered through EJP.

Spring 2013
AE 482: Intro to Robotics
ANTH 399: Sociocultural Theory
CMN 323: Argumentation, Theory & Practice
ENGL 461: American Theatre Since 1945
EPS 410: Learning Teaching

Fall 2012
CMN 375: Film Noir

EIS 4411: Introduction to TESL Methodology

LA 390: Environmental Sustainability

Spring 2012
ENGL 461: The Regency and the Harlem Renaissance

EPSY 480: Educational Statistics

EPS 390: Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

Fall 2011
LING 490: Linguistics

HIST396/THEA399: Shakespeare’s World

HIST 396/AFRO 474: The Black Freedom Movement, 1955‐75

Spring 2011
ARTH491: Theories of Visual Representation

ENGL 461: Race and Place in 20th Century American Fiction
HIST396: Thinking Through the Russian Revolution

HIST396: A History of Race in the United States

Fall 2010
MCB493: Life Sciences in an Evolving World

ENGL461: Staging the Argument

GER496: The Holocaust in Postwar Literature and Popular Media

Spring 2010
ACE398: Real-­‐World Applications of Economic Theory

ENG461: Utopias, Dystopias, Realisms: Representation as (Inter)National Politics
HIST396: The Late Roman Empire

HIST396: The History of Madness and Psychiatry

Fall 2009
ENG461: Form and Content in Poetry

EPS395: Political and Historical Perspectives on Education

HIST399: Social Movements of the 1960s

REL494: Interpreting Genesis

Spring 2009
ENG 380: Writing for a Change: For Business, For Life
ENG461: Experiencing Modernity: Urban Literature
LA390: Islamic Architecture and the Built Environment
LA390: Landscapes and Human Health